Durable Luxury pieces

Water resistant - hypoallergenic

When you are looking for something unique, different, and beautiful, L’OR Jewels is the perfect fit! Our incredible collection of custom-made jewelry is crafted with both quality and affordability in mind, you can have a dream ring with simulated diamonds set on rhodium/white gold plated silver at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing on style or durability. All of our pieces are white gold rhodium plated over sterling silver. Rhodium is nearly as valuable as platinum. Like platinum, it is durable and tarnish-resistant. All white gold, is essentially an alloy of pure (24ct) yellow gold, so it is natural to assume that it has a yellow tinge. The rhodium plating is a process which gives the white gold its ultra white color by placing a coating over the existing metal. Rhodium plating makes the metal more scratch resistant and water resistant. One of the biggest upsides to Rhodium plating is it’s nickel free, making it hypoallergenic. We create Dream jewelry for everyday wear!


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